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Water treatment involves processes like filtration and disinfection to remove impurities, ensuring safe and clean drinking water while protecting public health and the environment.


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Water treatment is the essential process of purifying and disinfecting water to remove impurities and contaminants, ensuring safe and clean drinking water for communities while protecting the environment and public health.

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Unlocking Purity: Exploring Water Treatment Methods.

Water treatment methods encompass various processes designed to purify and disinfect water, ensuring it is safe for consumption and other uses. Common methods include:

  • Coagulation/Flocculation.
  • Sedimentation.
  • Filtration.
  • Disinfection.
  • Desalination.
  • Reverse Osmosis.
  • Activated Carbon Adsorption.
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Green Volt XT

Capacity:10L | Warranty: 1yr

₹2499.00 ₹4499.00

Green Volt XT

Capacity:10L | Warranty: 1yr

₹2499.00 ₹4499.00

Green Volt XT

Capacity:10L | Warranty: 1yr

₹2499.00 ₹4499.00


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Frequently Asked Questions

~ Is my regular water dangerous?

Water is essential for human life. However, untreated water, even from a reliable source, may pose health threats. Different odors or colors can indicate specific and serious problems with your water. Water left to sit in a pipe overnight may absorb more harmful contaminants than flowing fresh water. One of the obvious warning signs is if your water suddenly has an odor or appears murky. However, many bacteria and chemicals cannot be seen or smelled.

~ what can water filters remove?

Different water filters remove different substances with varying methods. The most common substances removed during water filtration are chemicals, metals, and both organic and inorganic pollutants. Certain filters are made to specifically remove certain materials while others may be able to remove more. Many water filtration systems use multiple elements, such as reverse osmosis and Ultraviolet treatment, to ensure water is as clean and pure as possible.

~What is water filtration?

Water filtration is the act of removing unwanted organic, metallic, or chemical material from water. This can be done many different ways for varying levels of water purity. Complete Water Solutions technicians have years of experience repairing, upgrading, and installing all of these filters for residential, commercial, and industrial water systems. Ultraviolet systems can render bacteria harmless while reverse osmosis can remove dissolved solids. The various types of filtration can make water suitable for human consumption or use in industrial or technical work. Our expert staff will help you in selecting the right filtration system for your water needs.

~How do iknow which system to install?

Selecting a water filtration system can be overwhelming. There are so many different types of filters and each has its own advantages. Whether you run a business or own a home, our water treatment experts are here to help. If you don’t know which system to install, or have repair questions, our trained experts can provide the answers. They will give you the best options available without pushing you to make unnecessary purchases. From a simple water filter installation to an industrial water treatment system, we have it covered.

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